Criminal Case

Become a detective and search for hidden objects


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  • Category Online games
  • Program license Free
  • Version 1
  • Size 196.61 kB
  • Works under: Windows 8
  • Also available for Android 
  • Program available in English
  • Program by TopSoft UG

Criminal Case is a popular hidden object game that features dozens of levels designed to bring out your inner detective.

Though the game is available on social networking sites like Facebook, this game lets you enjoy the fun without pestering your friends for gifts and without requiring that you have a Facebook account. When you double click the Criminal Case icon on your desktop, it instantly loads the game and picks up where you last left off.

New users must first design their own detectives. You pick whether you want to play as a man or a woman. The game then lets you put in your name and customize your character's hair color, eye color, and even clothing. As you move up through the ranks in the game, you'll unlock new hairstyles, clothing, and accessories for your character.

Each level starts with a new case that you must solve. Though each case comes with nine different games that you play, only eight are hidden object games. The last game asks you to find the differences in two similar pictures. Seven of the other levels provide you with a list of items to find. The last game gives you a list of all objects hidden in the image and gives you a score based on how many items you found in a given time period. Other levels award you points based on how accurate you were and how long it took you to find those objects.

As you find those hidden objects, you uncover clues relating to the mystery, including the body of the victim and the murder weapon. You send those items back to the lab for further investigation, which can take as little as five minutes or as long as 24 hours. Though you can score up to 30 stars in each level, you'll use those stars to identify and name the suspect. Guessing wrong will take away one star. You can us any remaining stars to buy extra energy or other items.

Criminal Case also lets you buy your own investigation buddy in the from of an adorable dog. As you reach higher levels, you can purchase additional pets, including rabbits and lizards. For a hidden object game unlike any other, download Criminal Case today and start solving crimes.


  • Exciting hidden object game suitable for all skill levels
  • Features nine different levels in each case
  • Includes hidden object, speed and spot the difference games
  • Run the game via a click of the desktop icon
  • Lets you customize the gender, eyes, hair, and clothing of your character


  • Not all players will like the spot the difference games
  • Requires energy to play each level that slowly regenerates throughout the day
  • Certain levels are harder than others
  • You must click on specific parts of some objects for the game to recognize it
  • Some stories are too gruesome for younger players
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